Cast Breakdown back

LOLA: (Female/40s or older) Piano player for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. She is a little brash and bossy. She is a great pianist, but a horrible singer. Always ready and willing to sing at the worst times. She clashes with IRA but is the glue that holds the group together. Must be a comedic actress that plays the piano well.


JAXSON: (Male/20s) Tenor 1 for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. Suffers from Social Anxiety Disorder. Can easily slip into a spaz attack/melt down. Does not understand humor or sarcasm. Naïve and very dry. Says outrageous things in a deadpanned manner. Must be able to sing harmonies confidently. 


BEAUREGARD or “BO”: (Male/20s) Tenor 2 for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. Talks very slow with a thick southern accent. Country-boy type. Accident prone and clumsy. Must be able to sing harmonies confidently.


CLAYTON: (Male/30s) Baritone for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. Cultured, charismatic and positive. The voice of reason within the group. Must be able to sing harmonies confidently.


IRA: (Male/40s or older) Bass for the STEEPLE PEOPLE. Grouchy, candid and blase. Clashes with LOLA at times. Must be able to sing harmonies confidently.


WOMAN IN OFFICE: Woman in front office at school that communicates through the intercom system. Can be a pre-recorded voice over.